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LOVE, FOOD PART 2 with Katie Cavuto

Love, Food: Part 2

An Exploration of Mindful Eating and Compassionate Self-Care 

Enough dieting and deprivation, It’s time to harness the joys of eating well and caring for your body in meaningful way. In this workshop, Katie Cavuto MS, RD, RYT-200, will help you redefine your relationship with food and your body just in time for our transition into the warmer seasons. Through mindful and intuitive eating practices and lessons in self-love and food gratitude, you’ll learn to connect with your intuition to better understand your bodies individual needs. Nutrition and wellness recommendations are not one-size-fits-all. Overcome any preconceived messages around health and nutrition to set meaningful intentions that are meant for your wellness path and no one else.

· Activities include:

  • Exploring your relationship with food

  • Debunking nutrition myths

  • Simplifying nutrition messages

  • Intuitive and Mindful Eating exercises

  • Food Gratitude Exercise

  • Body Positive Activity